lumiNutri - About Us

At lumiNutri we tend to think a little differently from other health and fitness app providers because we actively work in the health and fitness industry. Meaning day in, day out we are working with people just like you to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Our vision is for the lumiNutri app to be used as a platform for change, not only for the people of today but for the generations of the future. We live in a time where we have never been more informed about what is healthy, yet on the whole we have never been more unhealthy.

With so much information available, we understand it's confusing. We are determined to provide our members with impartial information so they can make informed decisions. We are committed to being honest and letting you know our unbiased thoughts based upon our own experiences.

We believe it’s time to empower others to take responsibility and ownership of their health and lifestyle in a way that not only helps them reach their short term goals but do so in a way that those results can last a lifetime. From total beginners to elite athletes, the lumiNutri app can help you.

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